Grove is the world’s first group-centric social platform that is designed for the Enterprise building industry leading technology, security and extensibility into the core of the platform.

A Solid Technology Core

The Grove application architecture is based on the widely adopted Java-based “SSH” pattern, which uses Struts as presentation layer, Spring as middle logic layer and Hibernate as the persistence layer. Taking the SSH framework, however, the Grove development team employed Spring MVC as the basis of the web. This provides a rich functionality for building robust web applications and deeper compatibility with the underlying Spring framework. Spring MVC is designed in such a way that every piece of logic and functionality is highly configurable. At the same time, the connection with Spring allows the Grove team to easily integrate effortlessly with other popular web frameworks like Struts, WebWork, JavaServer Faces, Tapestry or any other web frameworks that best serve future feature development of the platform. And since Spring view rendering is not tightly coupled with Servlets or JavaServer Pages (JSP), integration with other view technologies like Velocity, FreeMarker… or even Excel or PDF is also possible now.

Security Guards Your Perimeter

Grove leverages multiple layers of defense to protect key customer information and handle all critical facets of network and application security, including authentication, authorization and assurance. Our program systematically evaluates all information security risks, taking into account the impact of company threats and vulnerabilities. Adherence to the ISO 27001 security management control protocol, regular third-party audits and close attention to customer input and industry trends help ensure that our security programs keep pace with a changing security landscape and meet evolving customer requirements.

On-Time Service Every Time

To guarantee that the Grove platform can deliver its functionality in time to meet customer expectations, each and every dependency within the platform needs to deliver with even tighter bounds. Clients and services engage in a Service Level Agreement (SLA), a formally negotiated contract in which they agree on system-related characteristics. One of the most important is the client’s expected request rate distribution for a particular API and the expected service latency under those conditions. Grove is proud of our SLA that guarantees to provide a response within 300ms for 99.9% of its requests for a peak client load of 500 requests per second.

Extending Grove To Meet Your Needs

We understand the importance of connectivity to other mainstream social network software, so Grove exposes its core features in a comprehensive REST API. You can interact with Grove using JavaScript/JSON, ATOM and HTML. For companies that support existing libraries of digital contents that need to be indexed and available to the public online, Grove provides the option to integrate with a commercial content management system like Adobe CMS. Grove also leverages industry standard Google Analytics to study online customer behavior and delivers a comprehensive dashboard that shows the overall status of the community.